Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what's more american than donuts?

directions: here!
about the recipe: when i saw this recipe on the Dainty Squid blog, i knew that i had to try baking once more! and what better time than as a celebration of our great nation. the most exciting part for me was that i used natural means for the food coloring! i used red cabbage for the blue & beets for the red, isn't that fun?

unfortunately, as you can tell... the beet-coloring was the only one to stick. the middle was supposed to be the blue (from cabbage).

directions for the food coloring: i used a bunch of beets (beet bunch) for coloring, but you can also use a can of beets. i cut up the stems, removing the leafy green, and cut up a few of the beets. i filled the pot with water until the beets were covered. then boiled them and waited for the water to become very red. after about a half hour i strained the juice into a cup and composted the remainder. i then added a tablespoon of vinegar as it's supposed to help the color set. oh that reminds me! ha: when making the donuts, i didn't add any vinegar as i was mixing the beet coloring in and didn't want extra vinegar in the recipe. they turned out great!

overall great. would bake again! next time i'm going to try to make a coconut glaze. oh the donuted possiblities!

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