Wednesday, April 21, 2010


the newest addition to the vegan vintage cookbook library

The Playboy Gourmet by Thomas Mario
1st edition, published 1973

447 pages of pure sexy deliciousness including a chapter on coffee. i picked this up at savers today after spotting it a few weeks ago. the introduction ends in a poetic manifesto of sorts:

"If bachelors, in the midst of women's lib yet feeling compatible with its aims, still enjoy advantages over women in the kitchen, they use these advantage not to prove they're vainglorious Escoffers among the distaff side but for the very opposite end - to draw women as well as men together warmly, to crack the same bottle, to share the same sumptuous trencher. Play Boy's major food guidelines and recipes are blueprints towards that end."

oh, playboy, what would women's lib have done without your kind gratitude for the equalization of the sexes? anyways i'm hoping this new anthology of sexy recipes will help me score with the ladies.. and men alike.