Friday, August 5, 2011

habanero peach jam


directions: i'm too lazy to copy/paste the directions; make sure to read the directions HERE thoroughly!

about the recipe: i've been dreaming about this since last fall when peaches were no longer in season. it was right after i made habanero peach cobbler with the last of my cull-bin peaches. and finally that day has arrived! i got three free pounds of peaches from work, but botched the first recipe. everything was going smoothly until i got sidetracked for one minute and came back to find the sugar had burned and the entire house smelled of burned marshmallows. somewhat appetizing, but mostly disgusting. the co-op gods must've been shining down on me because i came across even more peaches! and this time i followed the recipe to the motherfucking T. i tasted some of the leftover uncanned bits and it tastes so good! can't wait to enjoy this on toast during those cold winter months coming up shortly.

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